2016 in B&W photo gallery

Here’s a collection of photos of the events and fun things we did in 2016.

2016 started with a trip to the North Shore with Joe Carter of Joe Carter Films and Get In The Van fame. North Shore is such a special place and I suggest everyone try to get there sometime in your life. Here’s one of Poopies and I hanging at the stairs watching the show. Photo Joe Carter

Kelly Slater took the win at the Volcom Pipe Pro. It was a stacked final with Jamie O’Brien, Bruce Irons and Makai McNamara in perfect 2nd reef conditions. Here’s Kelly throwing a big hack after getting spit out of a barrel.

This shot was immediately after the Volcom Pipe Pro finals. Kelly had just walked over and Jamie had him come over for a pic with Bruce and his dad Mick O. I shot a few frames after the posed ones and caught this moment. So much going on with Kelly, Jamie and Mick laughing like any friends after a great session and Bruce unable to keep his eye’s off the waves as 3rd reef had just started breaking. Also notice Mick wearing an AI Forever hat and the girl looking back is Kelly’s girlfriend, Kalani Miller

We had a pretty good stretch of waves at the end of winter. Joe Carter caught lots of them.

We get some wild weather towards the end of winter. Here’s a big storm front moving in above Ogunquit Beach.

The waves kept coming and Joe Carter kept catching them.

The Hyperflex crew came through in the early spring and scored some decent waves. Here’s Ben Gravy of Nub TV fame getting some chilly Maine waves

Some days the waves were smaller, so Joe Carter just used a bigger board.

Once the weather broke, the waves got back to summer size and the ramp became the focus of our crew. Lucas Perry, Judo Stall

I took so many good shots of Sam Sayward, I can make a gallery with just shots of him. Here’s one of an old school Staplegun

Johann Wolff the BMXer

Johann Wolff the skateboarder

Friend of the shop, Dave Gutter and Rustic Overtones played a free show in downtown Biddeford. Really great atmosphere, hope they do it again this summer.

The calm before the swell. One of the many, crazy storm fronts we get to see living on the coast.

Fall brings swell and Jamie Garland is always on it. A great surf forecaster, when I get the call from Jamie about heading up north for a big swell I know it’s on. Here’s one of the countless barrel shots I got of Jamie this past fall and winter.

Nothing better than ending the year at the annual P Dank Christmas Party. Our Wells Maine homeys Spose and Cam Groves and the rest of the P Dank artists put on a great show. Even Masta Killa from the Wu Tang Clan showed up. Look for a new album and other surprises from Spose this Spring.

The mild winter allowed for some nice beach days to go for a walk with your dog.

Matt Millmann is part of a crew with Jamie Garland and a few others that I shoot big mysto waves with. Sometimes we miss but when we score it looks like this.

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