New Surfboard models from Lost, Lib Tech, Roberts, WRV and Robert August

Pretty excited about all the new board models for 2017. Below is the list and description of all the new models we’ll be carrying from Lost, Lib Tech, WRV, Roberts and Robert August. We’ll still be going forward with most of the current models that we’ve carried in the past with these brands. Remember if you’d like to order a custom of one of these models or any of our other board models send us a message.



The Round Nose Fish Redux hybrid surfboard features a very low overall centerline rocker, with modest single concave under the front foot, to keep the board planing at low speeds. The concave gradually reduces to flat up in the nose, allowing forgiving entry into waves and in and out of turns. The vee in the tail enables the board to retain its very low stringer-line rocker, while still being easy to turn, and gives the board so much control. The radical change from concave in the center, to vee in the tail creates an aggressive rail rocker that engages when the board is rolled onto an rail. It then feels like a board with much more overall rocker. Thus allowing tight radius turns on the face, and in the lip. Classic TwinFin influenced placement on the front fins. It can be ridden as a Twin/Quad or a 2+1 or however you like it. Enjoy!


Lib Tech

The Pickup Stick “mid size” shape perfectly fills the gap between a shortboard and a longboard surfboard. A smooth flowing shape and rocker combined with a single to double to flat tail contour for high performance shortboard style maneuvers and a concave for nose riding lift, refined but forgiving rails and great volume all add up to non stop wave catching performance/fun. Whether you are first timer looking for a board that will be easy to progress on, a weekend warrior that is looking for maximum wave time or if you are a ripper looking for that “transition period” mid sized fun/performance option that takes an average day and makes it special, the Pickup Stick is always a perfect choice.



El Jefe It’s pronounced “El Hefe” and it’s Spanish for The Boss. When less than average conditions still command optimal performance, the WRV El Jefe is large and in charge. The advantage of added volume accommodates for challenging conditions while its single to double concave with slight-vee turns on a dime. Run the line-up with the new chief of high-performance.

Schub Fish Originally built for Outer Banks stand out Erik Schub, this board has caught on with the whole team. Designed off the Nugget file, the nose was pulled, a swallow was added and minor rocker adjustments resulted in a small wave board that didn’t shy away from stand-up barrels. Tested up and down the East Coast and Mexico, this one has proven to be extremely versatile from two feet to two feet overhead.


A transformation, the hybrid groveller. Out of its cocoon, our Metamorph takes the small wave groveller to another form. We wanted a board that can generate speed in small waves and control speed in waves where other grovellers might lose their hold. Inspiration came in the form of one of our most popular small wave boards, the Mutant. The Mutant crept its way into being a primary board for many and they took it to the limit. Like its predecessor, the Metamorph has low rocker forward of the tail area for speed with flip in the nose that doesn’t hang up coming out of turns. In the rear, we opted for a thinned and tapered round tail with a hint of rocker. This gives it less surface area in the tail and a longer rail line to control speed going into tight turns or on better waves than what you’d find on just a grovel day. The bottom contours of the Metamorph start out as a single concave that blends into an extreme double concave that exits out the tail for lift and aiding the control of higher speed turns. If you want a board that thrives on speed and lives to destroy, discover the Metamorph.


Dream Machine ESWT  Do you or your kids dream of catching waves and having fun? The Dream Machine is one of our popular Groveller models that is great for learning to surf as well as it is a small wave crusher for the higher level rider. Designed for small waves it has a wide and stable outline. This gives it glide and makes it easier to stand on for beginners. Its nose has a slight flip to help prevent it digging in on drops. It has a rounded tail that makes for smooth turns on the open face. On the last 8”of the tail it is tapered in to aid in release. It is fairly thick compared to its length so that it can catch waves easily. For the Dream Machine in Epoxy Soft Wrap Technology, the rails are slightly thinner than our other constructions. This helps the board turn easier for beginners learning the basics to more advanced surfers wanting to push performance.


Meat Cleaver A perfect all around board that can fly through flat spots and still handle steep wave faces. Extra tail rocker and a round tail allows the board to do tight turns at high speeds. Designed for the guys that love to ride shorter wider boards like our White Diamond 2 in your normal knee to head high surf. Some of our team riders wanted a board that was an easy transition for when those waves would get steep or really barreling. Tested in the points of Mexico and ridden at beach breaks around our factory in Ventura and the Outer Banks of North Carolina, they raved on its versatility. It has drive and speed on the more normal days and when the waves do get good or bigger you can pull in or crank off the bottom and make those meaty hacks.​


The Vindicator maintains our El Tormentor’s advantages in small waves while a few design adjustments give it more performance and control in bigger surf. Super high performance thinned out shortboards are made to work best in perfect waves. The Vindicator is more for everyday surfing and even some better days you might luck into. For great paddling and gliding though flat spots, especially when it’s small, it has a good amount of foam under your chest and low entry rocker. We knew low tail rocker like on the Tormentor works in a broad range of surf but its advantages are felt mostly on smaller or flatter faced waves. Wanting to give The Vindicator more upper range, we designed it with a more moderate tail rocker that still works terrific in small surf. Where it shines though is allowing you to control speed plus have the ability to pivot easier in the pocket on those days you’re surprised the waves are better than your normal waist high go outs. Giving The Vindicator a rounded tail lengthens rail line and reduces tail area which is awesome for doing arcing turns on bigger faces while still having release off the top for vertical maneuvers in small to bigger surf. We also thinned its tail letting it be pushed around with less effort and giving it more sensitivity at higher speeds. Bringing it all together, The Vindicator is a really versatile as well as responsive high performance board. Or sized bigger, it can be a fantastic all around board for someone looking to get into shortboards or wanting more paddle.

Robert August

Saber This design comes with low-egg rails which taper back to an edge at the diamond-tail. A slight rail-to-rail concave under the nose incorporated with an overall flat bottom give this model some high performance capabilities to go along with its abundant nose riding qualities.


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