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Paddleboards, also known as SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards), are extremely popular in southern Maine and so easy to use that nearly everyone can do it. Some more experienced surfers will take them out and catch waves but, most enjoy cruising along the flat water of the local rivers and salt marshes.

Wells Harbor and Footbridge Beach are the two local favorites for paddleboarding, although there are many other options just a short drive away. Most of our rivers are tidal, so please check the tide charts and plan your trip around the daily high tide. We have boards in all sizes for all skill levels and each rental includes a leash, paddle, life jacket and soft roof racks to transport the board.

For Fisherman

We offer the Bote 12″ HD fishing board, with a Yeti cooler, rod holders, leash, paddle, life jacket and soft car racks for a flat rate of $80 per day.

Paddleboard Rental Prices

Time Paddle Board w/ Gear
4 hours $30
All day $50
24 hours $55
2 days $80
3 days $105
4 days $130
5 days $155
6 days $175
1 week $195
2 weeks $325
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