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Hybrid Bikes

Our most popular rental bikes are hybrid or comfort style. Designed for comfort and ease of use, these are the perfect bikes to get around town. Whether you’re looking to beat the traffic around town or go for a safe ride with the family, these bikes will do what you’re looking for. We replace the majority of our rental fleet each year and rent some of the same bike models that we are selling at the store. This offers a great way to try a bike before you purchase one.

Road Bikes

For the roadie who doesn’t want to travel with their bike, we offer a limited selection of road bikes. There are plenty of good road rides of varying distances in Wells and the surrounding towns. We can advise you on the options depending on the distance your looking for at the time of rental. If you want to bring your own shoes and pedals, we can install them at the time of rental.

Mountain Bikes

For those looking to mountain bike while on vacation, we have top notch single track located minutes from the shop. Mount Agamenticus in Ogunquit offers amazing single track and climbs for intermediate to advanced riders and for the less experienced there are several trails locally to get you in the woods. All of our mountain bikes are hard tails from the same brands we sell and are great for the local trails. If you want to bring your own shoes and pedals, we can install them at the time of rental.

Kids Bikes

We offer a variety of youth and BMX bikes in wheel sizes from 12.5″ – 24″ and some of these have hand brakes, but many have coaster brakes. We also have pull behind trailers and trailer bikes for the little ones. We’ll do our best to fit your kids with the best bike for their size and skill level.

What’s Included?

  • Helmets
  • Locks
  • Additional locks and helmets are available for rent for $5 per day each
  • Bike racks are available for most cars and SUVs for $5 per day with rental or $10 without rental

There is a very mellow, family ride from the Wells location that keeps you off any busy streets

General Biking Rules

  • Always ride with the traffic
  • Always be paying close attention to your surroundings. There can be heavy traffic on some roads in the summer and it’s always best to be on alert, especially on road bikes
  • Children under 16 must wear helmet by law
  • Bikes are not allowed on the beach

Bike Rental Prices

Time Adult Bike Youth Bike Trailer
4 hours $15 $10 $10
all day $25 $15 $15
24 hours $30 $20 $20
2 days $45 $30 $30
3 days $60 $40 $40
4 days $75 $50 $50
5 days $85 $55 $55
6 days $95 $60 $60
1 week $100 $65 $65
2 weeks $150 $100 $100

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