2016 Maine Surf photo gallery

Even though the summer was flatter than normal, 2016 was pretty good year for waves. The spring had some really big swells and the fall and winter had epic conditions on a pretty regular basis. Here’s a selection of some local rippers and visiting pros who stood out in 2016.

Roberts Surfboards pro Torrey Meister on a late winter mission to Maine

Lost Surfboard pro Ian Crane in a frosty barrel.

Smith Optics pro Brett Barley with the wipeout of the year

Jamie Garland on a meaty one up north

Getting Weird with local ripper Coop Beveridge

Hyperflex pro and Nub TV legend Ben Gravy

Summertime swell

Lib/Lost pro Raul Hernandez, nose pick

Local ripper Billy Ryan with a sweet bottom turn.

Moody local and FCS team rider Maddie Ryan

Hyperflex and WNW team rider Jose Perez

Local ripper Dana Knowles

Body Glove and WNW team rider Bill Woodward

Body Glove and WNW team rider Bill Woodward

Moody local and ESM senior photographer Jim Ready

Joe Carter on a road less traveled

WNW instructor Ben Nadeau getting one after work

Balaram Stack on one of his many Maine missions

Northern Maine with the boys

Winter brings big swell and empty beaches

Joe Carter’s not afraid to pull into icy closeouts

Hyperflex and WNW team rider Matt Millemann

Local big wave charger Jamie Garland on a trip up north

Hyperflex and WNW team rider Matt Millemann

Body Glove pro Alex Gray stays warm with Red Cell wetsuits and booties.

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