2016 North Shore and Volcom Pipe Pro photo gallery

Another great winter on the North Shore. I was traveling with Joe Carter who put together an amazing edit of our trip. You can find it at the bottom of this page.

It was an El Nino winter and the waves were way bigger than anything we’d ever seen. Massive Waimea Bay, 3rd Reef Pipe breaking and days of pumping 2nd reef Pipe. Got to hang with all the Maine transplants, the Body Glove and Who is JOB crews and saw an epic contest at Pipe. Thanks again Oahu for all the aloha.

The boys

The Pros

Balaram Stack, Pipeline

Koa Smith, Backdoor

Jack Robinson and Kalani David share a barrel at Pipeline

Kelly Slater, Backdoor

Jake Marshall, Log Cabins

Nate Yeomans, Rockies

Connor Coffin, Rockies

Timmy Reyes, Rockies

Timmy Reyes, Haleiwa

Carlos Munoz, Haleiwa

Ross Williams, Haleiwa

Torrey Meister, Off the Wall

Sebastian Zietz, Off the Wall

Josh Moniz, Off the Wall

Waimea Bay

Sometimes you make the drop, sometimes you don’t. Marc Collins making it.

Waimea Bay lineup

Hawaiian Water Patrol are the real legends out there. Must’ve seen them save over 20 lives over the 3 days the Bay was breaking.

Unknown surfer on a Waimea bomb

Most go right, but there’s a few brave souls who go left.

Unknown Surfer pulling in deep.

Body Glove House/Volcom Pipe Pro

New England reunion at the Body Glove Off the Wall house. Meg and Vic from WNW, Phil from Cinnamon Rainbows, Joe Carter from Get in the Van and the Hassett family from Levitate Surf Shop. Photo Tatiana Weston-Webb

Always an adventure with the Body Glove crew. Free diving with Cheyne Magnusson, Scott Smith, Brent Bielmann, Jason Miller and some guys in grey suits.

Anthony Walsh, Pipeline

Tatiana Weston-Webb, Off the Wall

Mo Freitas, Haleiwa

Kalani Chapman, Pipeline

Jamie O’Brien, Off the Wall

The surf paparazzi are always out in full force when Jamie paddles out. Cheyne Mags lining up the money angle.

Pat Schmidt, Off the Wall

One of my favorite humans, Cheyne Magnusson, Off the Wall

Volcom Pipe Pro from the Body Glove house balcony.

Even Jamie wipes out sometimes, Volcom Pipe Pro finals

But he usually makes them. Backdoor, Volcom Pipe Pro finals

Volcom Pipe Pro champion Kelly Slater getting a champagne shower from Makai McNamara

Kalani Chapman on a 3rd reef bomb immediately after the Volcom pipe Pro.

Underground Chargers and Unknown Surfers

Randall Paulson with a stickerless board in the biggest Pipe barrel I saw the whole trip.

Lucas Godfrey is a North Shore kid, with no sponsors. He also was dominating the lineups filled with heavy pros, especially at Backdoor.

Another one of Lucas in one of his many Backdoor barrels.

If you don’t have a drone, you climb hills. Pipeline from the Pillbox

Unknown surfer, Rockies

Unknown surfer right before dark, Pipeline

North Shore Golden Hour

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