Week 3 Update! WNW/DC Photo T Shirt Contest

We’re getting close to the end of our contest and the competition is heating up. Last week’s leader, Sam Sayward is still on top with Jesse Freiberufich holding on to the 2nd place spot. Paul Cote, Amy Lytle and Dave Stritch have been alternating 3rd, 4th and 5th place all day and Robin Reidy is close behind in 6th. This is still the top six from last week, although Robin’s picture is a different one than last weeks 6th place photo. It’s all really close in the top 6 and it wouldn’t be a surprise if someone out of the top 6 charges up into the top 3 to make the finals. This is the last week to vote, so make sure to check it out this week and help your favorites win. I’m finally figuring out this blogging stuff, so this week all you have to is click on the link below to vote. Good luck everyone.


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