Surfboard Update

We’ve been getting lots of new boards in the shops the last couple weeks. WRV brought the truck up and loaded us up on the Nugget, Drone, Wombat, Fugget, Blunt, Generator, Flying Nugget and Funboards. From Roberts we got some Dream Catchers, White Diamonds and White Diamond 2’s. We’re fully stocked on Lib Tech with all sizes of the Ramp, Bowl and brand new Air E Ola models and most sizes of Verts. From Rusty we got some Dwart, Dozer, Moby Fish and Longboards. For the beginners and people looking for a good board at a great price, we’re packed with Retro Fish, Funboards and Longboards in poly, epoxy and bamboo inlays. All totaled we brought in almost 100 new boards this past month. Come on in and see our great selection and low prices.

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