Episode 2 of “A NZ Freeride Story”

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This episode follows Colin as he competes in the World Heli Challenge. The World Heli Challenge Competition for skiers and snowboarders brings athletes from around the world together to compete in an event of epic proportions and it is a PRIME opportunity for Colin to test his skills mentally and physically for the FWT.

Not only that, but local riders like Sam Smoothy, Charlie Lyons and Will Jackways will be ripping it up. And of course, as the name suggests, it’s heli time.

Other world class athletes such as Anti Autti, Clint Allan, Charlie Timmins, PC Fosse, Essex Prescott, Taisuke Kusunoki will be shredding it to bits. Freestyle meets Freeride in this one of a kind heli accessible event held in New Zealand.

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