Joe Carter Photo shoot at WNW

Joe Carter from came by this week and took some great pictures of the new shop layout. If you’re not familiar with Get In The Van, it’s a photo/video collaboration between Joe, Brian Nevins and Nick LaVecchia. These guys are the the best in the business and Nevins even has the hardware to prove … Read more

Reloaded our SUP department!

Our SUP department is packed right now with boards from Focus, Mike Doyle and Michael Dolsey. We have many models in lots of sizes from all of these companies. We’re also thrilled to be the area’s dealer for Laird StandUp. This is Laird Hamilton’s new SUP line created by Bob Pearson of Pearson-Arrow fame. We … Read more

The Lib Techs are in!!!

We received our first shipment of Lib Tech Waterboards a couple of weeks ago and the response has been amazing. We sold out of the original order in about a week and have since reloaded the racks at both stores. The Bowl and Ramp series boards have both gotten great feedback and we are fully … Read more